• Chef Nigel Henderson

Fluffy & Creamy Stone Ground Grit Recipe

Updated: May 26

I'm not here to debate Sweet Vs. Savory Grits (I like them both; So What, At Me), but I will debate anyone on how good my grits are! Here's a fail safe recipe for creamy savory grits! I developed my recipe/technique after learning how to make the worlds most delicious, rich, and fattening grits (Pet Milk Involved) from my cousin, whom in turn learned it from her mom (An Alabama OG). I use this recipe especially for my Shrimp N' Grits. Definitely don't use instant grits, only buy STONE GROUND GRITS!

2 Cups Heavy Cream 2 Cups 440 Grams

2 Cups Water 2 Cups 440 Grams

Kosher Salt 1Tsp 4 Grams

Stone Ground Corn Grits 1 Cup 220 Grams

Butter 1 Tblsp 15 Grams

Cracked Pepper (To Taste)

Bring water, heavy cream, Cracked Pepper, and butter to a boil in a medium pot. Whisk in stone ground grits and reduce heat to Medium low. Cook about 20-30 minutes, constantly whisking (do not let the grits stick to the bottom of the pot), until liquid is absorbed. Adjust seasoning with Salt and pepper. If too thick add a little more water.

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